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  1. 3 DAYS LEFT! SIGNAL BOOST: Affordable massage therapy for queer and trans people of color

    Peace. Hopefully, by now you know that I’m working on a fundraiser to help secure a space for my massage therapy practice Wild Seed Wellness at the Living Room Project in West Oakland. We still need to raise about $251 by JUNE 2 (2 days away!) to reach our goal of $3500. Moving to this space will allow for 420 possible appointments in 6 months, which is significantly more than what I’m able to accomplish now out of my home.

    Please consider donating what you can. Suggested donation is $25 which will also earn you the perk of a self-care package, but we’ll gladly accept $100 or $5, whatever you can give. Additionally, I ask that you repost the link to the campaign. Queer and trans people of color, this is your chance to create the change you wish to see. Allies, this is such a great way to show your support for queer and trans people of color. 93 people have donated so far. Join them.

    With gratitude and excitement,


    Wild Seed Wellness

    Wild Seed Wellness

    The official scoop:

    Wild Seed Wellness (WSW) offers affordable massage therapy for queer and trans people of color in Oakland. Massage therapy services at Wild Seed Wellness are sliding scale so that clients are able to afford to make healing a priority and a routine. The 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month are donation based days. In order to expand and offer more appointments, WSW is moving to the Living Room Project, an accessible healing justice practice/community space for queer and trans people of color, in West Oakland. Yay! Right now, it’s necessary for WSW to raise $3500 dollars by June 2 to pay for 6 months rent.

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